A recent report by the thinktank More in Common, ‘Britain’s Choice: Common Ground and Division in 2020s Britain’ examined how people in the UK and 6 other countries feel and how well we all get along together. 

Concepts of class, Left and Right are increasingly redundant as a way to categorise people’s attitudes to society, politics and change. The population divides into seven distinct segments based on things like pragmatism, activism and disenchantment. Encouragingly, there is a great deal of consensus between the segments about what is good, for instance, environmental protections, the NHS, respect for each other, compassion, and hard work.

Social media gives a false prominence to conflict and to positions held by small minorities. Pretty well everyone interviewed for the report hated the level of division that has been caused by Brexit, “culture wars” and other factors, and wants us to come together and “disagree well”. Covid-19 has clearly improved our sense of community cohesion.

To find out more about the research, visit www.moreincommon.com

A useful Executive Summary can be found at t https://www.britainschoice.uk