Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Faith in Society?

To help bridge the gap between on the one hand, faith groups wanting to engage better with the public sector, civil society and the neighbours, and on the other, the public sector, businesses and charities wanting to work effectively with faith groups.


What services do you provide?

Dedicated, professional and well-networked support with Advocacy, Strategy Development and Capacity Building, Interfaith Activity, Religious Literacy Training and Research & Surveys.


Are there not others who offer similar services?

There are other for-profit organisations and charities that provide some of the services. What we offer is an a comprehensive one stop shop facility through our vast experience and expertise in all relevant areas.



Are you a national or local provider?

We can provide our services at local, regional or national level, depending on the client’s requirements.


How much does it cost?

Please call us to arrange a meeting and we will agree a price plan that is suitable and affordable for you.

Are you affiliated to any particular faith group?

No. We are happy to work with any faith group, with humanists and with secular agencies. Most of the major world religions are represented on our board of Associates.

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