Faith in Society Co-Director Jenny Kartupelis is offering a fascinating insight into the world of elderly care in the UK in her new book Making Relational Care Work for Older People: Exploring innovation and best practice in everyday life.

 Published by Routledge, the book examines the concept of ‘relational care’ and why its implementation can have significant effects on the wellbeing of older people and those who care for them.

The book is based on some 150 in-depth interviews over a period of five years, with older people, carers, community project and care home managers and owners around the UK,

It outlines realistic examples and practical ideas for how elderly care can be supported in community projects and care homes. Jenny argues for older people to be better heard and what really matters to them towards enhancing their lives.

“The book will be of interest and value to care providers, giving them models of innovation and good practice,” Jenny explained.

It argues for policy-makers to consider a very different approach to elderly care based on valuing older people and the staff who care for them, It further acts as a guide to older people, their friends and relatives in helping them choose the best and most suitable care based on principles of mutual, supportive relationships and insights into how these can be fostered by providers.

The topic has urgent relevancy in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is especially important that society not only values and respects older people but wakes up to the contribution they make to communities around the UK, in terms of family bonds, time and talents given freely and collective wisdom,” explained Jenny. 

The key topics covered in the book are:

  • Re-thinking person-centred and relational care
  • Building community care teams that work in fresh and more effective ways
  • Creating secure ‘care villages’ embedded in their neighbourhood
  • Introducing Montessori principles to an elderly care
  • How intergenerational models can be optimised
  • A review of the most recent cutting-edge technology for elderly care
  • Interior design and architectural guidelines have proven to encourage good relationships
  • How small changes at modest cost make a real difference
  • Why policy and funding must be reviewed to favour relational care


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Due to the coronavirus, the book will be launched online on 22 October 2020. To book a free place, please click Launch

About the Author:

Jenny Kartupelis MBE MPhil started her career in public relations, establishing an award-winning consultancy; she subsequently moved into the charitable sector and has been commissioned to undertake extensive survey and analysis work by public and third sector bodies, resulting in changes of practice and policy.  Jenny was educated at the Universities of Kent, Sussex and Cambridge.