Some of Our Clients

The Church Urban Fund

We have worked with the Church Urban Fund (a national charity that oversees the Church of England’s various social action programmes) on the future expansion of its Near Neighbours programme. This aims to create ‘working friendships’ between people of different faiths living side by side in deprived urban areas across England. One of its programmes is to train young inter faith activists for the future through its Catalyst project, and Faith in Society developed a promotional document to assist the Fund to expand this.



Faiths Forum for London & Fayre Share Foundation 

We are supporting the Faiths Forum for London and the Fayre Share Foundation to deliver a number of pilot projects under the Government’s Strengthening Faith Institutions programme. For instance, in Manchester’s Moss Side we are working with a mosque and a Pentecostal Christian supplementary school to deliver an IT learning project for 40 young vulnerable people in the area, both Muslim and Christian. In Woolwich, we are facilitating a healthy living project involving a Black-majority church and a mosque. In all projects, we help to develop the governance and procedures of the faith institutions involved so that they are eligible to receive funding from various sources, for which we apply on their behalf.




Together in Action (TiA) 

We are working on two projects for Together in Action, a new organisation that seeks to build social cohesion by bringing together different faith groups in joint social action projects at local and national level. One is Sharing Our Lives which will be developing inter-faith learning resources for supplementary religious schools; the other is an oral history project exploring the Hindu heritage of Britain by looking at the foundation and development of a number of landmark temples during the 20th century.

Back in Control Consultancy (BICC) 

Faith in Society was delighted to secure a Big Lottery Fund grant to enable Back in Control Consultancy (BiCC), a South London-based counselling service for victims of domestic violence and abuse, to develop its Clergy Training Workshops. This innovative project aims to train pastors in Black-majority churches, and potentially clergy from other faiths, to recognise signs of domestic violence among their congregations and to respond sensitively and appropriately e.g. by referring individuals to external sources of support. The project recognises that victims who are members of faith communities may feel more comfortable reporting abuse to their pastor rather than the police or social services, but that clergy often do not know how to respond appropriately.

South London Inter Faith Group (SLIFG) 

At a time when one in four Londoners will experience some mental health problems during their lifetime, Faith in Society has been proud to help the South London Inter Faith Group (SLIFG) with fund-raising and planning for an innovative faith-based mental health project. Over three years the project will map the capacity and willingness of faith communities across South London to get involved with improving mental health outcomes for local residents, then develop an action plan which will dovetail with other initiatives e.g. the work of the National Spirituality and Mental Forum. The SLIFG programme will be launched on 19th November at an event focused on ‘Trauma, Mental Health and Wellbeing’ in Lambeth, which will also mark the tenth anniversary of the first ever audit of faith groups living South of the River.